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Till the Stars Fall Book Cover

Till the Stars Fall

NAL/Onyx, 1994
ISBN-13: 978-0451404497

They were young; they were in love; and the world was a place where dreams could come true, where the highest heights of fame could be reached, and where friendships never ended...

Krissa...  Desperate to escape the stifling life of a small mining town in northern Minnesota, Krissa followed her brother Danny back east, where his musical talents brought Quinn Hunter into their lives.

Quin... The son of privilege and the son of neglect, Quinn found in Krissa what he had always yearned for: friendship, warmth, and love.  As the three of them experienced the wonders of success, they thought their lives were perfect... until everything went wrong,

What happens, fifteen years later, when young love is renewed?  What happens when old longings are tested?  But most of all, what happens when two people cannot resist the song of their hearts?




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