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Don't Forget to Smile Book Cover    

Don't Forget to Smile

Worldwide Library, 1986
ISBN-13: 978-0373970254

Sometimes a dream must be shattered before it can come true.

A long, brightly lit runway, an audience hushed in anticipation as a tuxedoed announcer is about to read a single name, the name of a radiant young woman, who will be crowned the most beautiful in America. Tory Duncan, a stunning coed from South Carolina, holds her breath. All her life she was worked for this moment, prayed for its glory. But the name that is read is not hers.

A long, dimly lit bar in the heart of Oregon’s timber country, the clinking of glasses.  Behind the smoky bar stands the proprietor, Tory Duncan, still stunning, still searching for happiness. And Joe Brigham, a forthright and handsome man from a logging family, stares at her with a love deep and pure. But Tory wonders—is it ever possible to let go of a fragile past to find the joy of an uncertain future? 




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